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Benefits of a Workplace Safety Program

Safety Program for your WorkplaceAs an employer, you know the toll that worker injury and illness can take on your business productivity and bottom line. You can mitigate that risk and expense by implementing an effective workplace safety program. With such a program, you can avoid  absence due to work-related injuries and illness and decrease your workers compensation risk and expense at the same time. This is especially true since a large part of your premium for workers comp insurance depends upon the frequency of claims.

One goal of your safety program should be to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Act, and OSHA can provide information as well as consultation and/or training if needed.  This is an important consideration, since insurance carriers typically will want to know how complete, comprehensive and effective your safety program is when deciding how and whether to provide your coverage.

Each company’s safety program will look different, but all should typically  include written guidelines and safety procedures for employees’ reference.  The plan should designate an in-house Safety Manager who is given the responsibility to carry out the program, educate and train new and existing employees, coordinate periodic safety inspections and motivate employees to avoid unsafe practices in the workplace.

Even in the presence of a well-designed program, accidents can occur; so your program should provide for on-site first aid care.  If/when employees require absence from work because of work-related illness or injury, your program should include an effective return-to-work protocol.

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