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Preparing Your Home For Seniors

seniors in your homeWill you have an elderly relative joining your household?

Often, moving to a senior living facility is not the right option for your aging mom or dad or some other older loved one. If your family has decided to have an elderly family member become a part of your household, then you’ll need to prepare your home to be a comfortable and safe living space for your new resident. Fortunately, many of the modifications can be rather easily done. Click "Read Only" to learn more about how to make your home safe, comfortable and private for your elderly family member.


Fall Prevention

Among accidents for people over 65 years of age, falls are the leading cause of injury and death. Paying attention to floor conditions and lighting go a long way to making your home fall-safe.

  • Lighting should be bright throughout your house and especially in traffic areas and stairs with nightlghts installed in appropriate areas such as the bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms should have handrails next to tubs and toilets and non-slip mats in bathtubs and showers.
  • Stairways require sturdy handrails on both sides, and any stair treads or carpeting should be flat, smooth and well-anchored.
  • Pathways inside your home should be free of clutter as well as cords, rugs that can wrinkle, and any other obstacle to a flat walking surface. Non-carpeted floors should have non-skid wax applied.
  • Walking assistive devices such as crutches, walkers and canes should be rubber-tipped and kept clean to assure traction.

Comfortable Environment

Whether your loved one’s stay is permanent or temporary, making them feel at home is important. Most changes needed will be easy and generally just require attention to details.

  • If at all possible, assure that all doorways in your home are wide enough to allow for wheelchair or walker passage.
  • A bedside table with room for personal items and a sturdy lamp will promote comfort.
  • A sturdy chair in the dressing area makes it easier for your loved one.
  • Make sure your water heater temperature is low enough to prevent scalding.
  • A TV, computer and/or other electronic devices might be important to your guest.
  • If possible, involve your loved on in arranging or decorating their living space and suggest that they incorporate special personal items such as photos, special pillows and blankets, etc.
  • Assure that your loved one is included in family and household activities and let them know that their participation is important to everyone.

Privacy and Self-Reliance

Being able to take care of certain things by oneself can be critical to the well-being of older adults who are now living with relatives and caregivers. There are many ways that you can help your senior loved one to be safely independent.

  • The shower should include a durable shower chair to minimize the need for help with bathing and maximize your guest’s privacy.
  • Often-used items in closets or cabinets should be easily reached, and door handles should be easy to use.
  • Hand-held devices such as remote controls, telephones and other electronic devices should be easily read and user-friendly.

Homeowners Insurance Tip

When a senior relative joins your household, not all accommodations you might have to make are small. You might need to do some renovations. Perhaps your new family member needs a stair lift installed, or perhaps you need to add a bathroom or even build out a new room. All such projects change the value of your property and may require an increase to your homeowners insurance coverage limits. .Don’t risk being underinsured. Have a conversation with your insurance agent to find out how the changes made to your home will affect your homeowners policy.

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