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Fall Road Trip in Your Plans?

fall foliage road tripA picturesue drive – whether it’s across town or across the country – is a real treat during the fall when the colorful foliage is at its peak. Here are a few suggestions from some of the most trusted travel sources around:

As alluring as the scenery can be, the weather can be unpredictable this time of year as well, and leaves falling on the roadway can make for hazardous driving.

Click "Read More" below for a few precautions can make your fall road trip a success.



Before you take to the road, you'll want to remember the following tips to make your road trip a success.

Handling frost on the road

By the time autumn foliage is at its most spectacular, temperatures can dip far enough overnight to bring a chance of frost. When frost settles on the roadway, it causes slick road conditions particularly on overpasses and bridges. Stay alert and exercise caution when driving on frosty roads.

Driving on wet leaves

Fallen leaves that become wet create a slippery road surface, making steering, braking, stopping and even accelerating dangerous tasks. The solution: Stay alert for patches of leaves and slow down and brake slowly.

Avoiding piles of leaves

A pile of leaves on the roadway spells danger since it could be covering some other obstacle or pothole which, if driven over, could damage your vehicle. Always drive around leaf piles. Moreover, a pile of dry leaves becomes a hazard if you park over it since it can ignite from contact with your car’s hot undercarriage

Preparing for winter weather

Weather during the fall season is often unpredictable, and you can find yourself suddenly driving in rain, fog, sleet or snow without much warning. You’ll want to slow down and pay extra attention to other cars on the road. In preparation for unexpected winter-like weather, be sure to do a pre-trip check of your car’s systems so that you don’t find yourself stranded. Pay special attention to the following:

Tires: Examine all tires as well as your spare for any defects, and make sure that tire pressure is correct for winter weather and tread depth is adequate.

Brakes: Have your auto tech check all brakes for wear and tear and replace if necessary.

Windshield wipers: If your wiper blades have not been changed within the previous few months, it’s best to change them to be ready to handle rain and snow on the road.

Lights: Check all exterior lights on your vehicle. Test turn signals as well. You’ll also want to check the aim of your headlights to maximize your visibility on the road.

Auto Insurance Tip

If you are planning a road trip, be sure to include a call to your insurance agent on your planning checklist. You’ll want to be sure that you have all the coverage you’ll need on your auto insurance policy so that you are not surprised to find that coverage is not sufficient if an accident occurs. You’ll also want to be sure to have your insurance information and complete contact information for your insurance agent along with you on the road just in case it is needed.

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