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business holiday safetyMany small business owners depend upon the holiday season for its end-of-year business boost. Holiday shopping brings a large increase in foot traffic which leads to boosted sales. To attract the spike in sales, businesses use eye-catching holiday decorations, announce special sales and hire additional (usually temporary) staff to create a festive atmosphere and cater to this influx of customers. However, the added business brings distractions and the increased risk of accidents and injuries.

Because they are new to your operation and procedures, seasonal employees usually present the highest risk. In fact, some of these injuries could cause them to be absent from work. Not only would you have employee injuries to deal with, but you would have fewer staff than expected just when you need them the most. But by incorporating workplace safety training into your employee orientation, you can avoid many of the headaches.

If you could use a few tips to minimize holiday accidents, just click "Read More" below...

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